Toms BlinkenLED installation:

BlinkenLED is a miniature rebuild of CCC's blinkenlights installation in Berlin.
It is a 144 (18*8) pixel matrix of LEDs. Connected to a PC via the parallel port and powered by a 5V power supply.
I build it with help of the excellent manual from the BlinkenLED Project.
As there was only Windows software available for controlling the display, I had to write my own for a solid operating system such as openSUSE.
The software includes scripts for displaying texts and Blinkenlights (*.blm) movies on the display. This way I am able to play all the movies that were originally displayed on the Blinkenlights building.

BlinkenLED software:

The software package includes the following tools:

bin/blinkenmovie (plays a movie in *.blm format)
bin/blinkentext (scrolls a text)
bin/blinkentest (makes tests, useful for debugging your blinken hardware)

examples/ (grepping the current temperature from the karamba weather applet and display it)
examples/ (endless loop of a *.blm movie)
examples/ (endless scrolling of a text)
examples/ (read output of mp3blaster and display the current and next song)
examples/ (play all movies of a directory in a loop)

BlinkenLED - Downloads:

The blinkenled sourcecode has been released on
Download tarball: [blinkenled.tar.gz]
or checkout from subversion:
svn co blinkenled

BlinkenLED - Photos:


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